The Workshop of Workshops

What a lineup! We had four fantastic instructors, and an energetic group of dancers all eager to learn a fresh set of routines and fundamentals. The world of dance collided as we had individuals who had participated in Prelude Carolinas come out and extend the weekend’s set of dance activities.



This was one of the workshop to see and be seen. Learning alongside a large group of your friends and greater dance community made for a better clinic. We even had Kristin Santiago lead off with an inspiring speech on how she began dance, the need to study dance’s evolution, the proper way to learn to dance (not YouTube!), as well as the true passion behind the overall dance movement.



Everyone sure gave their all in an attempt to show what they’d learn in the past year. I saw both dancers and spectators alike feeding energy into the room; hollering at individuals when something was filthy, and spurring one another on when a particular set of movements in a given count were challenging.


The night before, we had Prelude Carolinas followed-up by the after-party at Players. Some people needed a bit more persuasion to get up out of bed, however, once they arrived, they knew what was up. All that said, something we all agreed upon was summed up nicely by Alex.

Next time we have a workshop after an after-party, let’s reiterate that everyone be responsible…it was HARRRRRRRRD waking up this morning -_-
– Alex Li





We had representation from all over, and all styles. You could see some individuals take the lead during certain parts as they hit their, “sweet spot” in terms of style. Some folks are better at freestyling than others, in the same way others are better at popping. No worries here, everyone was learning, practicing, and perfecting!



Fresh From Birth and CherryDOTdork had tables, and everyone was gracious enough to give us support and buy some gear. I want to thank everyone for that. With that kind of support, it makes it easy for our teams to co-organize these workshops and other related events. We do it for you all, it’s nice to know people appreciate it, cause we love it!






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Cars & Decals

How much do you enjoy reppin’ Fresh From Birth!? You know, we’re getting into more things than just apparel. Although we LOVE wearing our apparel, sometimes we think we can do more, and here, you can see that even our rides rep FFB. We just got an order of new vinyl decals made, but our first test pieces were made for my car and our homeboy Cameron. Thanks for taking some shots of your car and sending it to us Cam!

Yeah, Alex and I went to UNC, and Cameron goes to Duke, but here, it’s about a lifestyle. In the end, the RTP as a whole, including Duke, NC State, and UNC, has seen a vast improvement of camaraderie due to a lot of local brands evoking a response from all three corners, and getting blessed with support. Our normal junior stickers make for a fun car decal, but our test decals were made for autos and their windshields haha. We’ll have them for sale first at Freshwise in August, and our online shop soon. Check out the pics, and don’t forget that all of our apparel is currently on sale for $18/shirt.

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 2

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 3

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 4

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 5

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 6

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 7

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Summer in the Quad

We were so happy to receive these photos from our friends at UNC, Tran Nguyen and Diana Ngo. We met them at the Alan Truong, Kentrell Newton, and Chris Munar dance workshop we had in Chapel Hill in April. Check out our new friends as both Tran & Diana sport our tank tops throughout the Quad on the campus of UNC. As always, if you have any photos to share of yourself in your Fresh From Birth gear, please send it to!

Don’t forget, all of our FRESH SWAG is on sale for $18 per apparel item. Be sure you check out the Fresh From Birth Online Store to pick up your freshness!













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Workshop Bio: Kentrell Newton

Kentrell Newton is going to be bringing his unique blend of southern Swagger and isolations to the Coast to Coast Workshop! APRIL 1ST! Be there!!!

Alan Truong
Originally from Greensboro, NC, Kentell Newton been dancing
for many years, but started very late. At a very young age he discovered
dance watching videos of Michael Jackson and Usher. Through watching a
lot of dance videos, he tried to mimic alot of them but knew it wasn’t
enough. It wasn’t until Kentrell got to college and was introduced to B-
Boying by some friends. The world famous Breakin’ Movie was the among
the first real dance movies to help influence his dance skills. When Kentrell
was 19, he joined a college dance team called Couture Productions and a
team called 102 Jamz(local radio station) dancers. During his time with
those teams, he had performed and helped choreograph numerous events
including North Carolina A&T State University homecoming and Super Jam
Concerts. Kentrell has performed his hip hop styles from Atlanta all the way
to Shanghai, China. He has worked with artists such as T-Pain, Roscoe
Dash, B5, Myxx, Cherish, Young Marquis and Gospel Artist Letita Martin.
During his professional career, he joined Swagger Crew in late 2007.
Swagger Crew was recently on Season 5 of MTV’s America’s Best Dance
Crew. Currently, he travels the nation doing choreography and teaching
master classes, workshops, and conventions in Hip Hop. He also teaches at
his home studio, people of all ages at Dancers Edge based out of
Kernersville and Winston-Salem, NC.

Check out his throw back piece!!

Kentrell Newton – Onyx “Slam”

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Still in a Good Mood ;)

Told ya’ we had more photos from our last shoot in Chapel Hill 😉 hope you guys like these as much as we had fun making them! Anyone, notice that Angel took a lot more photos than we did???? I guess consider this part 2 of welcoming Angel to our FFB Official Street Team -.^ Thanks again to all the FFB fam & both Tee Insix and Joey Cho of Thavone’s for participating in the ‘Good Mood Shoot‘.


Trouble Maker


FFB Swag


Peace ;)