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One Long Night Out

Check out some more pics from our night with Justracy and Ricky Phuong! We really loved the fountain area near the Wells Fargo buildings, and so stayed a while to take plenty of shots, haha. This time, I joined in on the fun, check me out too!

Fresh From Birth night 8

Fresh From Birth night 9

Fresh From Birth night 10

Fresh From Birth night 11

Fresh From Birth night 12

Fresh From Birth night 13

Fresh From Birth night 14

Fresh From Birth night 15

Apparel From the Street Photos Sale Swag

Night Owls

I think like most people, we do our best work at night. While having some fun out with a nice little group, we decided to go for a little informal walk and shoot while strolling the sidewalks of downtown Charlotte. Check out Justracy and Ricky Phuong in these candid shots!

Fresh From Birth night 1

Fresh From Birth night 2

Fresh From Birth night 3

Fresh From Birth night 4

Fresh From Birth night 5

Fresh From Birth night 6

Fresh From Birth night 7

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FRESH FRIDAY: Lights Down Low

Alright alright alright. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t think Waka Flocka Flame is a real musician. He is, however, a real entertainer. So I ain’t gonna hate on someone who is out getting his. Bei Major has also blown up recently with his hit single “Trouble”, and since it’s Fresh Friday, you know “Lights Down Low” is a club BANGAH! Nothing special with the lyrics, but lace the track with dope beats and Bei’s smooth voice and you have a song that will get me in trouble for dancing to while at work. It might also be interesting to know that Bei Maejor graduated from Michigan-Ann Arbor, worked with Ne-yo in Atlanta, and was a driving force behind the production of Trey Songz and Monica’s albums, Passion, Pain & Pleasure and New Life, respectively. The dude is no slouch, and you gotta respect his multitude of talents.

Have a Fresh Friday….WAKA!

Bei Maejor – Lights Down Low feat. Waka Flocka Flame

Dance Fresh Friday Music Swag


Far East Movement is back! *insert giddy Asian gesture* And this time they’ve brought with them one of the hottest rappers in the game right now, Tyga! All I know is that the last few times I’ve heard Faded, I’ve been….well, faded. And back to the song – The hooks are super catchy even if FM’s lyrics are meh, and the bass is definitely dirty-grimy-nasty. Let’s face it, Far East makes catchy music, and Dirty Bass is no different. It’s yet another club banger from our favorite East Asian artists – expect to hear this song numerous times this weekend. Definitely not a song to play if you ain’t ready to party!

Far East Movement – Dirty Bass feat. Tyga