Fine China | Chris Munar’s First Production

We’ve known Chris Munar for a long while now; he is a super creative dancer & choreographer. Grown a great relationship, and have even sponsored some of his style game. We are excited to share his first production video collaboration with his friends: Victor Adebusola, Chris Law, Fel Justin, and Michael “MagicMike” Arellano.

Fine China by Chris Brown

The Workshop of Workshops

What a lineup! We had four fantastic instructors, and an energetic group of dancers all eager to learn a fresh set of routines and fundamentals. The world of dance collided as we had individuals who had participated in Prelude Carolinas come out and extend the weekend’s set of dance activities.



This was one of the workshop to see and be seen. Learning alongside a large group of your friends and greater dance community made for a better clinic. We even had Kristin Santiago lead off with an inspiring speech on how she began dance, the need to study dance’s evolution, the proper way to learn to dance (not YouTube!), as well as the true passion behind the overall dance movement.



Everyone sure gave their all in an attempt to show what they’d learn in the past year. I saw both dancers and spectators alike feeding energy into the room; hollering at individuals when something was filthy, and spurring one another on when a particular set of movements in a given count were challenging.


The night before, we had Prelude Carolinas followed-up by the after-party at Players. Some people needed a bit more persuasion to get up out of bed, however, once they arrived, they knew what was up. All that said, something we all agreed upon was summed up nicely by Alex.

Next time we have a workshop after an after-party, let’s reiterate that everyone be responsible…it was HARRRRRRRRD waking up this morning -_-
– Alex Li





We had representation from all over, and all styles. You could see some individuals take the lead during certain parts as they hit their, “sweet spot” in terms of style. Some folks are better at freestyling than others, in the same way others are better at popping. No worries here, everyone was learning, practicing, and perfecting!



Fresh From Birth and CherryDOTdork had tables, and everyone was gracious enough to give us support and buy some gear. I want to thank everyone for that. With that kind of support, it makes it easy for our teams to co-organize these workshops and other related events. We do it for you all, it’s nice to know people appreciate it, cause we love it!






Apparel Collaboration Dance Design Spotlight

Momentum Crew

Collaborations are nice when they just come together, but we’ve now worked with Momentum Crew for two years straight now; at this point, it’s just family. They are a super crew from Wake Forest University; all the members are greatly talented, and yet humbled. FFB did a few designs for Momentum – all of which are coming together to push their branding and marketing efforts. They took our stepping stone, and are doing BIG things with it, adding new steps with new apparel, signage, hats, etc. Check out some candid shots below:

Momentum Crew from Wake Forest University

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Dance Spotlight

Expanding your repertoire

Fresh off the presses, be sure to check our comrade Mikey Cherry from More Than Dance, stretch his repertoire and learn a contemporary dance piece at Upstate Strut, one of the largest dance communities in Greenville, South Carolina. Our man Mikey can certainly do hip hop choreo & ciphers all day, but intense training in new disciplines will certainly give him an edge in all aspects of dance. Check out Mikey as he sports our Dd is for Dance tank, and showcases his new learnings & evolving craft:

Who says ADULTS can’t dance?! Check out these awesome dancers rocking a contemporary combo in tonight’s class! Also, Mikey is a hip hop dancer and killed this combo! Great job you two!! Come try the adult class on Thursday nights : )
– Upstate Strut

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Apparel Dance Event Video

Origins II – Hip Hop Show

We were honored to attend and vend at ORIGINS, a growing Hip Hop Showcase presented by the Bboy Club of the College of William & Mary in Willamsburg, VA. ORIGINS allows dance crews the opportunity to showcase their latest choreography, for the bboy community, a chance to cypher and perform, and for vendors, a chance to show-off their latest apparel & accessory creations.

SONG | Goldfish – Get Busy Living (Feat. Emily Bruce)

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