Dance Spotlight

Expanding your repertoire

Fresh off the presses, be sure to check our comrade Mikey Cherry from More Than Dance, stretch his repertoire and learn a contemporary dance piece at Upstate Strut, one of the largest dance communities in Greenville, South Carolina. Our man Mikey can certainly do hip hop choreo & ciphers all day, but intense training in new disciplines will certainly give him an edge in all aspects of dance. Check out Mikey as he sports our Dd is for Dance tank, and showcases his new learnings & evolving craft:

Who says ADULTS can’t dance?! Check out these awesome dancers rocking a contemporary combo in tonight’s class! Also, Mikey is a hip hop dancer and killed this combo! Great job you two!! Come try the adult class on Thursday nights : )
– Upstate Strut

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Collaboration Dance Event Video

FRESH from the edit room

Back on June 3rd, we co-hosted our inaugural event in Charlotte with More Than Dance to benefit the Charlotte Rescue Mission. As a team and with the help of all the attendees, the event generated $800 in donations; helping C.R.M. continue to provide long-term recovery aid for those afflicted by poverty and addiction.

Check out the video that the guys at 101 Productions and More Than Dance put together to celebrate the event. As always, we want to thank everyone who came out, those who donated, and those that support all three organizations! Without you all, this could not have happened – Thank you!!

MTD x FFB: Charlotte Rescue Mission Workshop

Collaboration Photos Swag

CLT Summer Photoshoot :)

Our friends from More Than Dance & 101 Productions decided to go out in Charlotte for a small summer time photoshoot. Be sure to check out the store to order yourself the new Shutter Shades & the I <3 NC designs featured in our friend’s shoot.









Collaboration Event Photos

FFB x MTD Event Recap

The FFB x MTD event was a great success – we generated over $800 in donations for the Charlotte Rescue Mission, and we met a lot of great people. I know that Alex, Mikey, and myself put in some long hours to put the event together and we’re proud of the overall impact we had on individuals and the Charlotte Rescue Mission. I can’t wait to work with MTD again and also continue to extend Fresh From Birth’s service arm to help many more community organizations.



Collaboration Dance Design Event Video

The FFB x MTD Promo Vid!

We’d like to reiterate how excited we are about the Fresh From Birth x More Than Dance event benefiting the Charlotte Rescue Mission. It’s been a crazy week trying to pull our networks, ideas, and abilities together, but we’re in the stretch run! We can finally say that we are ready to DANCE! Check out our promotional video featuring: Alex Li, Michael Cherry, and Giancarlo Deleon.

FFB x MTD – Charlotte Rescue Mission – PROMO

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