Elizabeth Avenue Block Party

Back on August 31st of 2013, Fresh From Birth setup a tent at the Elizabeth Avenue Block Party near the central campus of CPCC in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a great event setup by the folks over at AKA Creative. The block party started at 5pm, and went on into the night, ending around 11pm. We got there early to setup and stayed till the end. We had a lot of fun chatting with friends, meeting new people as they came into our tent, and watching the performances on stage.






Custom Longboard for Momentum Crew

Fresh From Birth makes apparel. Momentum Crew choreographs & dances hip hop. Put them together and you get a custom longboard? F*** YA! We sure do love us some side projects!!


It feels like forever ago now, but during Prelude Carolinas, Jim & Leegan, friends from Momentum Crew came to me with the concept to do a custom longboard. They’d seen the work I’d done on the Fresh From Birth skateboard, and wanted something cool to ride in-and-around campus.

We caught up over email a few weeks later and started talking about what the board would look like. Both Jim and Leegan wanted something classy, simple, & clean. We all agreed that the design would feature the classic Demon Deacon design we’d created for Momentum Crew.

I guess some members heard about it, and were excited to see the final product. Brian, a friend we’ve known for a while decided to hop on-board and get a board too. So in the end, Fresh From Birth made three custom longboards for Jim, Leegan, and Brian. During finals week, we decided to get together to hand-off the boards and catch-up. Jim and Brian drove out to meet me half-way between Charlotte & Winston-Salem, NC. We got up at a Subway in Statesville. I couldn’t just hand-over the boards. I wanted to hang-out…oh, and do a small shoot haha.



“Yo, these boards look so legit!!” – Brian Kim

Fresh From Birth has a strong relationship with the members of Momentum Crew and love working with them. With all the ideas we’ve come up with recently, I can certainly see us doing some big things in the near future. Cheers to the new year!!


The Freestyle Pokérap

The title says it all. This is what happens when you start goofin’ off and someone mentions Pokémon, and then another throws out the word freestyle.

SONG | Control (Instrumental)

GEAR | Canon T2i w/ Magic Lantern | Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Influence Music

Music Mondays: D.LIV(E) – The Next Big Thing Outta NC

D.Liv(e) album art

The featured artist on this week’s Music Monday, Donovan Livingston, aka D.LIV(E), is not only an incredibly talented wordsmith, he is also an alum of UNC and more recently, of Columbia University, receiving his Master’s in Higher and Postsecondary Education. So he’s no slouch. But we’re not featuring him for his academic achievements, he’s on here for his smooth delivery, natural flow, and deep lyrics. To be honest? D.LIV(E) is going to be an absolute star, if there’s any appreciate left for good hip-hop. Inspired by personal experiences, his music is as easy to connect to as it is varied. My favorite has to be “Mr. Right…Now” – my dude explains, rather unapologetically, his influence with all the ladies out there. Impeccable lyrics delivered over a slow groove track make this song my new joint, be it at work or play.

But enough about that. His new album “verbatim” is available for download on his ReverbNation page, so be sure to grab it while it’s still free! Let us know what your favorite song is in the comments.

Look out for an exclusive Fresh From Birth interview with D.LIV(E) in the near future.

Design Photos

The CLT 704 iPhone

We love making designs around here, so why not carry FFB with us no matter where we go? Introducing “the-one-and-only” Fresh From Birth iPhone skin (Charlotte exclusive) hahaha. Maybe we’ll make this into a shirt one day! You know we can’t forget about our roots!

FFB iPhone

FFB iPhone

FFB iPhone

FFB iPhone

FFB iPhone

FFB iPhone

FFB iPhone