Elizabeth Avenue Block Party

Back on August 31st of 2013, Fresh From Birth setup a tent at the Elizabeth Avenue Block Party near the central campus of CPCC in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was a great event setup by the folks over at AKA Creative. The block party started at 5pm, and went on into the night, ending around 11pm. We got there early to setup and stayed till the end. We had a lot of fun chatting with friends, meeting new people as they came into our tent, and watching the performances on stage.






The Freestyle Pokérap

The title says it all. This is what happens when you start goofin’ off and someone mentions Pokémon, and then another throws out the word freestyle.

SONG | Control (Instrumental)

GEAR | Canon T2i w/ Magic Lantern | Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Cars Design Vending

Charlotte Vinyl

Fresh From Birth, now helping you represent your code! First up, Charlotte (704). This vinyl measures 5″ wide by 4″ tall, and is available in black and white. Stick these on your car windows, MacBook, iPad, laptop, etc.

To cop a Charlotte (704) vinyl decal, visit our online shop.





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One Long Night Out

Check out some more pics from our night with Justracy and Ricky Phuong! We really loved the fountain area near the Wells Fargo buildings, and so stayed a while to take plenty of shots, haha. This time, I joined in on the fun, check me out too!

Fresh From Birth night 8

Fresh From Birth night 9

Fresh From Birth night 10

Fresh From Birth night 11

Fresh From Birth night 12

Fresh From Birth night 13

Fresh From Birth night 14

Fresh From Birth night 15

Apparel From the Street Photos Sale Swag

Night Owls

I think like most people, we do our best work at night. While having some fun out with a nice little group, we decided to go for a little informal walk and shoot while strolling the sidewalks of downtown Charlotte. Check out Justracy and Ricky Phuong in these candid shots!

Fresh From Birth night 1

Fresh From Birth night 2

Fresh From Birth night 3

Fresh From Birth night 4

Fresh From Birth night 5

Fresh From Birth night 6

Fresh From Birth night 7