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One Long Night Out

Check out some more pics from our night with Justracy and Ricky Phuong! We really loved the fountain area near the Wells Fargo buildings, and so stayed a while to take plenty of shots, haha. This time, I joined in on the fun, check me out too!

Fresh From Birth night 8

Fresh From Birth night 9

Fresh From Birth night 10

Fresh From Birth night 11

Fresh From Birth night 12

Fresh From Birth night 13

Fresh From Birth night 14

Fresh From Birth night 15

Apparel From the Street Photos Sale Swag

Night Owls

I think like most people, we do our best work at night. While having some fun out with a nice little group, we decided to go for a little informal walk and shoot while strolling the sidewalks of downtown Charlotte. Check out Justracy and Ricky Phuong in these candid shots!

Fresh From Birth night 1

Fresh From Birth night 2

Fresh From Birth night 3

Fresh From Birth night 4

Fresh From Birth night 5

Fresh From Birth night 6

Fresh From Birth night 7

Cars Design Marketing Photos

Cars & Decals

How much do you enjoy reppin’ Fresh From Birth!? You know, we’re getting into more things than just apparel. Although we LOVE wearing our apparel, sometimes we think we can do more, and here, you can see that even our rides rep FFB. We just got an order of new vinyl decals made, but our first test pieces were made for my car and our homeboy Cameron. Thanks for taking some shots of your car and sending it to us Cam!

Yeah, Alex and I went to UNC, and Cameron goes to Duke, but here, it’s about a lifestyle. In the end, the RTP as a whole, including Duke, NC State, and UNC, has seen a vast improvement of camaraderie due to a lot of local brands evoking a response from all three corners, and getting blessed with support. Our normal junior stickers make for a fun car decal, but our test decals were made for autos and their windshields haha. We’ll have them for sale first at Freshwise in August, and our online shop soon. Check out the pics, and don’t forget that all of our apparel is currently on sale for $18/shirt.

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 2

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 3

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 4

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 5

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 6

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 7

Apparel Photos Pub

Summer in the Quad

We were so happy to receive these photos from our friends at UNC, Tran Nguyen and Diana Ngo. We met them at the Alan Truong, Kentrell Newton, and Chris Munar dance workshop we had in Chapel Hill in April. Check out our new friends as both Tran & Diana sport our tank tops throughout the Quad on the campus of UNC. As always, if you have any photos to share of yourself in your Fresh From Birth gear, please send it to!

Don’t forget, all of our FRESH SWAG is on sale for $18 per apparel item. Be sure you check out the Fresh From Birth Online Store to pick up your freshness!













Dance Event Photos Vending

Welcome to ORIGINS

As mentioned in the previous post, ORIGINS was a ton of fun. We had team members from Charlotte, Chapel Hill, and Virginia Beach make the trip up to Williamsburg, VA to take part in the showcase. Alex danced with his team, CREWcial, who put on a sick Grease inspired performance, and we had our boy, Daniel Bui sharing the spotlight alongside his crew, DÕP. We had plenty of foot traffic throughout the day, as people stopped to check out the wears, and made comments of all our attentional to detail. All that said, our biggest compliment is having people buy our apparel, and all of a sudden, like RIGHT-THEN-AND-THERE, change into their new FFB tank or crew! Big thanks to everyone who stopped to say hello, and for all the people that put on a great event.

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 11

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 12

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 13

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 14

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 15

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 16

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 17

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 18

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 19

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 20

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 21

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 22

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 23

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 24

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 25

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 26

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 27

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 28