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How much do you enjoy reppin’ Fresh From Birth!? You know, we’re getting into more things than just apparel. Although we LOVE wearing our apparel, sometimes we think we can do more, and here, you can see that even our rides rep FFB. We just got an order of new vinyl decals made, but our first test pieces were made for my car and our homeboy Cameron. Thanks for taking some shots of your car and sending it to us Cam!

Yeah, Alex and I went to UNC, and Cameron goes to Duke, but here, it’s about a lifestyle. In the end, the RTP as a whole, including Duke, NC State, and UNC, has seen a vast improvement of camaraderie due to a lot of local brands evoking a response from all three corners, and getting blessed with support. Our normal junior stickers make for a fun car decal, but our test decals were made for autos and their windshields haha. We’ll have them for sale first at Freshwise in August, and our online shop soon. Check out the pics, and don’t forget that all of our apparel is currently on sale for $18/shirt.

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 2

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 3

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 4

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 5

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 6

Fresh From Birth - Cars & Decals 7

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Caring for Your Order

We put a little bit of us in every package. Fans of our buttons & stickers receive their FFB creations via these Japanese craft paper envelopes, purchased when we traveled to Tokyo, Japan. Like the Japanese, we take the time with each order, and individually print, label, and pack each item. Just another way we show that we care for you, after all, you’re supporting our dream to continue producing our creations; whether the medium is apparel, or accessories.

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ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show

Join Fresh From Birth as we travel up to the College of William & Mary, in Williamsburg, VA, to be a vendor at the inaugural ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show. The Facebook event page for ORIGINS has all the info you need to join, however, the flyer below (designed by the ORIGINS event coordinators) has some of that info. We’ll be sure to take plenty of photos and videos for our own FFB event coverage!


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Holiday Bundle Special

With the timely release of our new line & the fact that it is the holiday season, we are offering you all bundles that start when you buy two or more ‘new release’ shirts. These shirts are featured in our, ‘True to your Roots’ photo shoot. By the way, our bundles don’t just end at the shirts, we’re bundling our new stickers and buttons too! Check em’ out already! 😛

FFB Holiday Bundle Special