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Summer in the Quad

We were so happy to receive these photos from our friends at UNC, Tran Nguyen and Diana Ngo. We met them at the Alan Truong, Kentrell Newton, and Chris Munar dance workshop we had in Chapel Hill in April. Check out our new friends as both Tran & Diana sport our tank tops throughout the Quad on the campus of UNC. As always, if you have any photos to share of yourself in your Fresh From Birth gear, please send it to!

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Caring for Your Order

We put a little bit of us in every package. Fans of our buttons & stickers receive their FFB creations via these Japanese craft paper envelopes, purchased when we traveled to Tokyo, Japan. Like the Japanese, we take the time with each order, and individually print, label, and pack each item. Just another way we show that we care for you, after all, you’re supporting our dream to continue producing our creations; whether the medium is apparel, or accessories.

Packaging by Fresh From Birth

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ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show

Join Fresh From Birth as we travel up to the College of William & Mary, in Williamsburg, VA, to be a vendor at the inaugural ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show. The Facebook event page for ORIGINS has all the info you need to join, however, the flyer below (designed by the ORIGINS event coordinators) has some of that info. We’ll be sure to take plenty of photos and videos for our own FFB event coverage!


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FFB Line 3: “True To Your Roots” Part 2!

In anticipation for our new line pre-orders starting soon, we figured some more shots from the photo session with Corey Jenkins and all of our Fresh From Birth fam Angel, Daniel, and Bryce couldn’t hurt 🙂

Big thanks again to our models Crystal Lee, Amy York, and Simone Carrillo.

Be on the lookout for pre-orders coming online soon!

True to your Roots 9

True to your Roots 10

True to your Roots 11

True to your Roots 12

True to your Roots 13

True to your Roots 14

True to your Roots 15

True to your Roots 16

True to your Roots 17

True to your Roots 18

True to your Roots 19

True to your Roots 20

True to your Roots 21

True to your Roots 22

True to your Roots 23

True to your Roots 24

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FFB Line 3: “True to Your Roots”

One thing that G and I will always cherish is our time spent at UNC-Chapel Hill. Combine that with growing up in Charlotte, and its pretty safe to say we rep NC hard. So when it came time to have our photoshoot for our new line, the obvious (and only) choice was UNC! In anticipation for pre-orders going online soon, here are some shots of the new gear in action on some of our street reps, as well as the lovely Crystal Lee, Amy York, and Simone Carrillo. Photograph courtesy of the uber-talented Corey Jenkins – we were incredibly lucky to find someone so professional and adaptable.

True To Your Roots

True To Your Roots 1

True To Your Roots 2

True To Your Roots 3

True To Your Roots 4

True To Your Roots 5

True To Your Roots 6

True To Your Roots 7

True To Your Roots 8