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Origins II – Hip Hop Show

We were honored to attend and vend at ORIGINS, a growing Hip Hop Showcase presented by the Bboy Club of the College of William & Mary in Willamsburg, VA. ORIGINS allows dance crews the opportunity to showcase their latest choreography, for the bboy community, a chance to cypher and perform, and for vendors, a chance to show-off their latest apparel & accessory creations.

SONG | Goldfish – Get Busy Living (Feat. Emily Bruce)

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Welcome to ORIGINS

As mentioned in the previous post, ORIGINS was a ton of fun. We had team members from Charlotte, Chapel Hill, and Virginia Beach make the trip up to Williamsburg, VA to take part in the showcase. Alex danced with his team, CREWcial, who put on a sick Grease inspired performance, and we had our boy, Daniel Bui sharing the spotlight alongside his crew, DÕP. We had plenty of foot traffic throughout the day, as people stopped to check out the wears, and made comments of all our attentional to detail. All that said, our biggest compliment is having people buy our apparel, and all of a sudden, like RIGHT-THEN-AND-THERE, change into their new FFB tank or crew! Big thanks to everyone who stopped to say hello, and for all the people that put on a great event.

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 11

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 12

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 13

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 14

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 15

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 16

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 17

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 18

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 19

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 20

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 21

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 22

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 23

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 24

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 25

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 26

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 27

ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show 28

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ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show

Join Fresh From Birth as we travel up to the College of William & Mary, in Williamsburg, VA, to be a vendor at the inaugural ORIGINS: Hip Hop Show. The Facebook event page for ORIGINS has all the info you need to join, however, the flyer below (designed by the ORIGINS event coordinators) has some of that info. We’ll be sure to take plenty of photos and videos for our own FFB event coverage!


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Everybody Loves Raymond

Performing with Kamikazi, continuing to study martial arts, and working on his bboying skills, this kid evokes talent and doesn’t shy away from performing. Driven to improve and always willing to help others learn, Raymond Ching lends us his skills and talents as he joins The Official Fresh From Birth Street Team.

// All photos provided by Aaron Chen of 101 Production

What makes you FRESH?
I’m FRESH because I was born that way.

Why did you want to join Fresh From Birth?
I wanted to join because I love the idea behind FFB. I also try to wear clothing that has meaning to it, not just a brand name. Being a part of FFB allows me to do that and help support what I rep.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
Bruce Lee, because he inspires me to achieve more in every aspect of life.


What is an interesting, random, or unique fact about you?
A random fact about me is that I enjoy martial arts tricking. If you do too hit me up and we’ll session!

What is your sign?

What are you listening to now?
Oh My Love – Chris Brown

What are your favorite top 3 music artists?
I hate picking favorites so I’ll go with a top 3 of who I’m actually listening to right now. Chris Brown, Miguel, and Michael Jackson. Yes, I listen to MJ on the regular.


What are the last 3 movies that you’ve seen (in or out of theaters)?
Kick-Ass, Jackie Chan’s Supercop, and Ip Man 2. It was a Netflix spree.

What activities would a “Perfect Date” consist of (kids read this blog too, LOL)?
I’d say the only requirement for the “Perfect Date” is the “Perfect Girl.” If that requirement is met, then by default any activity we choose to do will be “Perfect.”

Favorite Disney movie?
Beauty and the Beast. I’m glad there isn’t a “why” to this question.

Pick one and why, Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles?
I put a lot of time and effort into this question…Ninja Turtles. Their martial arts is more legitimate, Master Splinter wins over Gordon, and Power Rangers really did fall off after Mighty Morphin.


Which do you prefer, cats or dogs? Sunshine or overcast/rain? Math or English?
Dogs, overcast/rain, and math.

Do you currently play an instrument (or did in the past)?
Piano for a few years. Acoustic guitar for a few months. Drums for a few days. Guitar Hero expert?

If you were casted for a movie and could choose any actor to act alongside, who would it be and why?
Mila Kunis. That should fully answer the question.