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Still in a Good Mood ;)

Told ya’ we had more photos from our last shoot in Chapel Hill 😉 hope you guys like these as much as we had fun making them! Anyone, notice that Angel took a lot more photos than we did???? I guess consider this part 2 of welcoming Angel to our FFB Official Street Team -.^ Thanks again to all the FFB fam & both Tee Insix and Joey Cho of Thavone’s for participating in the ‘Good Mood Shoot‘.


Trouble Maker


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Peace ;)

Marketing Photos Swag

The Good Mood Shoot

While in Chapel Hill for a workshop where both Alex & Raymond were teaching, we decided to get the FFB Family together to do a photoshoot. We want to thank Joey Cho & Tee Insix for coming up to Chapel Hill with us to help us with not only the shoot, but also participate in the dance clinic!















Influence Photos Team Update

Everybody Loves Raymond

Performing with Kamikazi, continuing to study martial arts, and working on his bboying skills, this kid evokes talent and doesn’t shy away from performing. Driven to improve and always willing to help others learn, Raymond Ching lends us his skills and talents as he joins The Official Fresh From Birth Street Team.

// All photos provided by Aaron Chen of 101 Production

What makes you FRESH?
I’m FRESH because I was born that way.

Why did you want to join Fresh From Birth?
I wanted to join because I love the idea behind FFB. I also try to wear clothing that has meaning to it, not just a brand name. Being a part of FFB allows me to do that and help support what I rep.

Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
Bruce Lee, because he inspires me to achieve more in every aspect of life.


What is an interesting, random, or unique fact about you?
A random fact about me is that I enjoy martial arts tricking. If you do too hit me up and we’ll session!

What is your sign?

What are you listening to now?
Oh My Love – Chris Brown

What are your favorite top 3 music artists?
I hate picking favorites so I’ll go with a top 3 of who I’m actually listening to right now. Chris Brown, Miguel, and Michael Jackson. Yes, I listen to MJ on the regular.


What are the last 3 movies that you’ve seen (in or out of theaters)?
Kick-Ass, Jackie Chan’s Supercop, and Ip Man 2. It was a Netflix spree.

What activities would a “Perfect Date” consist of (kids read this blog too, LOL)?
I’d say the only requirement for the “Perfect Date” is the “Perfect Girl.” If that requirement is met, then by default any activity we choose to do will be “Perfect.”

Favorite Disney movie?
Beauty and the Beast. I’m glad there isn’t a “why” to this question.

Pick one and why, Power Rangers or Ninja Turtles?
I put a lot of time and effort into this question…Ninja Turtles. Their martial arts is more legitimate, Master Splinter wins over Gordon, and Power Rangers really did fall off after Mighty Morphin.


Which do you prefer, cats or dogs? Sunshine or overcast/rain? Math or English?
Dogs, overcast/rain, and math.

Do you currently play an instrument (or did in the past)?
Piano for a few years. Acoustic guitar for a few months. Drums for a few days. Guitar Hero expert?

If you were casted for a movie and could choose any actor to act alongside, who would it be and why?
Mila Kunis. That should fully answer the question.