Our Fancy New Digs

After a lot of effort, I’m talking…many many cups of coffee and sleepless nights, I would like to present Fresh From Birth’s brand new website. The website sports a new look, new features, better technology, and will be a vehicle for our growth. The site has a slightly more minimal nature to it. A big effort was placed on typography, colors, placement, etc. At the expense of sounding GEEK, which I am fluent in, there are some real ‘neat’ *cough* enhancements that have been made to make the site’s usability better.

We’re not done by a long shot, however, this site is some much needed fresh air. Hit us up on Facebook & Twitter if you like what we’re doing!


Summer Fun feat. Justracy

Whether it’s strolling downtown, or fooling around at Euro & Import summer car events, Fresh From Birth will always keep you looking FRESH and on-point. Fresh From Birth, “It’s A Lifestyle”. Remember, our latest line of apparel is currently on SALE.

FFB’s TWITTER & INSTAGRAM l @freshfrombirth

Fresh From Birth Summer Fun feat. Justracy

Design Marketing Packaging Pub Swag Video

Caring for Your Order

We put a little bit of us in every package. Fans of our buttons & stickers receive their FFB creations via these Japanese craft paper envelopes, purchased when we traveled to Tokyo, Japan. Like the Japanese, we take the time with each order, and individually print, label, and pack each item. Just another way we show that we care for you, after all, you’re supporting our dream to continue producing our creations; whether the medium is apparel, or accessories.

Packaging by Fresh From Birth


The Creative Process…A Matter of Time

What do we go through to come up with an idea? We lounge, sleep, mess with lamp shades…and then BAM, we generate something extraordinary!

Actors: Alex Li & Giancarlo Deleon

Artist: Mike Posner
Song Title: Who Knows? (feat. Big Sean)


Honda NSX (Extended)

They say perception is everything. This video encapsulates a moment, that each of seven people have when being touched by the beauty and power of an NSX. Check out the story of this awesome video.