Our Fancy New Digs

After a lot of effort, I’m talking…many many cups of coffee and sleepless nights, I would like to present Fresh From Birth’s brand new website. The website sports a new look, new features, better technology, and will be a vehicle for our growth. The site has a slightly more minimal nature to it. A big effort was placed on typography, colors, placement, etc. At the expense of sounding GEEK, which I am fluent in, there are some real ‘neat’ *cough* enhancements that have been made to make the site’s usability better.

We’re not done by a long shot, however, this site is some much needed fresh air. Hit us up on Facebook & Twitter if you like what we’re doing!

Design Update

Updated Site Design!

With a lot of work, our new website design is complete! Oh, and the entire website is powered by WordPress; using a completely custom template created by Giancarlo Deleon. We’re very excited, and look forward to now focusing our energy on both, working on getting the online shop up-and-running, and of course, fixing up any small formatting issues 🙂