Custom Longboard for Momentum Crew

Fresh From Birth makes apparel. Momentum Crew choreographs & dances hip hop. Put them together and you get a custom longboard? F*** YA! We sure do love us some side projects!!


It feels like forever ago now, but during Prelude Carolinas, Jim & Leegan, friends from Momentum Crew came to me with the concept to do a custom longboard. They’d seen the work I’d done on the Fresh From Birth skateboard, and wanted something cool to ride in-and-around campus.

We caught up over email a few weeks later and started talking about what the board would look like. Both Jim and Leegan wanted something classy, simple, & clean. We all agreed that the design would feature the classic Demon Deacon design we’d created for Momentum Crew.

I guess some members heard about it, and were excited to see the final product. Brian, a friend we’ve known for a while decided to hop on-board and get a board too. So in the end, Fresh From Birth made three custom longboards for Jim, Leegan, and Brian. During finals week, we decided to get together to hand-off the boards and catch-up. Jim and Brian drove out to meet me half-way between Charlotte & Winston-Salem, NC. We got up at a Subway in Statesville. I couldn’t just hand-over the boards. I wanted to hang-out…oh, and do a small shoot haha.



“Yo, these boards look so legit!!” – Brian Kim

Fresh From Birth has a strong relationship with the members of Momentum Crew and love working with them. With all the ideas we’ve come up with recently, I can certainly see us doing some big things in the near future. Cheers to the new year!!

Design Influence Marketing Update

The Behance Network

Exposure is today’s word! As an amateur artist and lover of all things that are design, I know that it is SUPER important to continue to improve my abilities/techniques. To help improve pure design technique and get some non-biased feedback on our apparel & marketing, FFB has joined The Behance Network. It is a network of artists, fans, and industry heads that have come together to create a pretty cool family of designers (freelance or professional) as well as emerging & established brands that enjoy sharing & chronicling their work and improving the overall art scene. We’ve just put together our page, but over time, and in conjunction with our blog, it will chronicle all of our work. It’ll be pretty cool to see how Jr (the logo) and our designs “grow” over time.

Check out our page- FFB on Behance Network!


Design Marketing Photos Swag

Sneak Peak: FFB Hem Tags!!

Oh my goodness! You gotta check these hem tags out! We went through a tedious process of hand drawing what we wanted them to look like, deciding on the proper size for our labels, agreeing on samples, and then BAM! – got these bad boys MADE! Remember, this is a sneak peak. We’ll be featuring these hem tags on our next full line 😀








Design Marketing Photos Swag

Like Stickers? We do!

Yo, check out our latest sticker creations! Our shop is now offering our latest freshness – the 3″ shutter shades & 2″ pacifier stickers!










Design Update

Updated Site Design!

With a lot of work, our new website design is complete! Oh, and the entire website is powered by WordPress; using a completely custom template created by Giancarlo Deleon. We’re very excited, and look forward to now focusing our energy on both, working on getting the online shop up-and-running, and of course, fixing up any small formatting issues 🙂