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The Fly Life features FFB


The team at The Fly Life scour through various sources of media and coverage to find the flyest and most dope things to spotlight. They show brands, artists, and labels love by featuring articles about them on their blog. Aside from reviewing pop and independent culture, these guys recommend fly apparel, shoes, hats, etc.

Coming across our freshness, The Fly Life decided to show us some love and write a post about Fresh From Birth. We love what The Fly Life is doing; bringing awareness to new brands and all things fly. So be sure to check out their post on Fresh From Birth and make sure you’re on the up-and-up about what is FLY and FRESH.

“Their apparel rock perfectly with the Fly lifestyle. The colors and designs on their tanks are completely fire…When you order from these guys you don’t just get a tee or tank, you get a package. Fresh From Births decks you out with a whole package that can pack freshness into your everyday life.”
– The Fly Life

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Sneak Peak: FFB Hem Tags!!

Oh my goodness! You gotta check these hem tags out! We went through a tedious process of hand drawing what we wanted them to look like, deciding on the proper size for our labels, agreeing on samples, and then BAM! – got these bad boys MADE! Remember, this is a sneak peak. We’ll be featuring these hem tags on our next full line 😀








Design Marketing Photos Swag

Like Stickers? We do!

Yo, check out our latest sticker creations! Our shop is now offering our latest freshness – the 3″ shutter shades & 2″ pacifier stickers!










Marketing Update

Ninja Street Marketing: American Apparel Store

As you may or may not know, Fresh From Birth proudly prints on American Apparel clothing, and G and I were recently at the American Apparel in downtown Charlotte both preparing a surprise to be unveiled at KODACHROME’S workshop at UNC (hint: It’s dope!) as well as finalizing what types of clothing we were going to print on for our second line. G had to step out to take a business call, so I wandered around the store looking at prospective cuts, eventually finding myself in front of Helvetica letter shirts organized alphabetically . As you can see, I found a way to amuse myself while promoting FFB.

Needless to say, the sales associates weren't pleased
Needless to say, the sales associates weren't pleased.

I did put the letters back in order after I finished taking the photos since the girls working there were NOT having it.

Get ready for the KODACHROME workshop!