Marketing Update

Ninja Street Marketing: American Apparel Store

As you may or may not know, Fresh From Birth proudly prints on American Apparel clothing, and G and I were recently at the American Apparel in downtown Charlotte both preparing a surprise to be unveiled at KODACHROME’S workshop at UNC (hint: It’s dope!) as well as finalizing what types of clothing we were going to print on for our second line. G had to step out to take a business call, so I wandered around the store looking at prospective cuts, eventually finding myself in front of Helvetica letter shirts organized alphabetically . As you can see, I found a way to amuse myself while promoting FFB.

Needless to say, the sales associates weren't pleased
Needless to say, the sales associates weren't pleased.

I did put the letters back in order after I finished taking the photos since the girls working there were NOT having it.

Get ready for the KODACHROME workshop!


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