Fine China | Chris Munar’s First Production

We’ve known Chris Munar for a long while now; he is a super creative dancer & choreographer. Grown a great relationship, and have even sponsored some of his style game. We are excited to share his first production video collaboration with his friends: Victor Adebusola, Chris Law, Fel Justin, and Michael “MagicMike” Arellano.

Fine China by Chris Brown
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Workshop Bio: Kentrell Newton

Kentrell Newton is going to be bringing his unique blend of southern Swagger and isolations to the Coast to Coast Workshop! APRIL 1ST! Be there!!!

Alan Truong
Originally from Greensboro, NC, Kentell Newton been dancing
for many years, but started very late. At a very young age he discovered
dance watching videos of Michael Jackson and Usher. Through watching a
lot of dance videos, he tried to mimic alot of them but knew it wasn’t
enough. It wasn’t until Kentrell got to college and was introduced to B-
Boying by some friends. The world famous Breakin’ Movie was the among
the first real dance movies to help influence his dance skills. When Kentrell
was 19, he joined a college dance team called Couture Productions and a
team called 102 Jamz(local radio station) dancers. During his time with
those teams, he had performed and helped choreograph numerous events
including North Carolina A&T State University homecoming and Super Jam
Concerts. Kentrell has performed his hip hop styles from Atlanta all the way
to Shanghai, China. He has worked with artists such as T-Pain, Roscoe
Dash, B5, Myxx, Cherish, Young Marquis and Gospel Artist Letita Martin.
During his professional career, he joined Swagger Crew in late 2007.
Swagger Crew was recently on Season 5 of MTV’s America’s Best Dance
Crew. Currently, he travels the nation doing choreography and teaching
master classes, workshops, and conventions in Hip Hop. He also teaches at
his home studio, people of all ages at Dancers Edge based out of
Kernersville and Winston-Salem, NC.

Check out his throw back piece!!

Kentrell Newton – Onyx “Slam”

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Workshop Bio: Alan Truong

We’re so excited to bring Alan’s unique style to NC!

Alan Truong

Growing up in Houston, Texas, Alan started dancing when he was 16 years old, training at Marvelous Motion studios. He started dancing with Soreal and has performed at carnivals and competitions with them since 2007, taking 1st place with Soreal in World of Dance 2008 in Pomona and competing with them at Body Rock 2009 in San Diego, California. Around the same time period, he co-founded ILLovation with Jordan “Sifu” Kolar and has been directing this team since late 2008. He has led the team to success at dance competitions around the community, winning the “ALL-OUT” competition featuring various teams all around Texas and taking 1st place at World of Dance 2010 in Dallas (Alan was recently the judge at WOD Dallas and Vancouver 2011 Dallas event as well). Since then, he has helped co-found The ArchiTEKS along with Brian Puspos, Pat Lam, Brian Fucanan, Mark Fucanan, and Duy Nguyen. Alan has recently returned from performing at the country-wide Tic Tic II tour in Australia as well as teaching workshops. He is continuing to travel to perform, teach, and learn from other dancers. Most importantly, Alan hopes to vibe with the world through his dancing.

Be sure to come out after Prelude Carolinas to the Coast to Coast Workshop! APRIL 1ST! Be there!!!


Alan Truong – Joe “Pull My Hair”

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Dancer Spotlight: Chris Munar

A respected dancer, choreographer, and performer, Chris Munar is making waves on the East Coast with his dedication to dance and the positive effects it has on his community, which spans from NY to NC. I first met him when KODACHROME brought him down to teach at the inaugural KODACHROME NC workshop! For those who don’t know Chris but meet him in the future – Yes, he is that nice! :p

But the dude can flat out dance!

Check out Chris’ dope piece to N*ggas in Paris w/ the dope JJ Zhang, at our very own UNC!

Chris Munar – Ninjas in Paris

It’s a rare combination of talent and humility that lends itself to Chris’ widespread dance appeal, you can’t not love the guy! With that being said, it’s with distinct pleasure that Chris is now repping Fresh From Birth. In fact, Fresh From Birth might just be repping Chris!

Alex and Chris

Who inspired you to dance?
The person(s) who actually got me starting to dance would be Kristin Santiago and my crew Ajnin Precizion. I owe all of my dancing to her, as she is one of my biggest inspirations. I have the privilege to dance with her in several crews/teams/companies. In addition to her, the Tito BoyScouts play a very important part in my life, as they are my big brothers/sisters. Also definitely have to mention God, as without Him there is nothing I can do. I always thank God for the blessings and the gift of dance that I can share with the rest of the world.

What’s your favorite part about dancing?
My favorite part about dancing is when people tell me that I have inspired them in any way, shape, or form. Since I am a product of those who have danced and inspired me, one of my aims for my dancing is to give back to the community, hopefully through the same way I got into the dance community in the first place: Inspiration.

What’s on your Ipod?
It’s funny because I just recently got a new iphone so I have been slowly getting my music back, but mostly songs to dance to. What’s been on repeat for a while is “Common Ft. John Legend & Kanye West – They Say”. My favorite types of music are conscious hip-hop, old school hip-hop, and house.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
Not really guilty about it but something people might not know is that I love watching anime and reading manga. I recommend the Naruto and Pokemon mangas, they are awesome!

Favorite Junk Food?
Candy, candy, candy. My favorites are Skittles and Starburst.

Chris music

What’s your style?
My style would be one of a basketball player. I wear a lot of jerseys, tanks, basketball shorts, low socks, basketball shoes, and padded flip flops with high socks. Before dance basketball was my first love. I still play from time to time.

Best Ninja Turtle?
Despite my love for the color red, my favorite TMNT would have to be Donatello. Witty and fights with a long stick, what more do you need?

Favorite Fresh From Birth Shirt?
The shirt that I wore during when I taught in North Carolina for the More Than Dance workshop. It was the grey tank top with the baby wearing the purple shades. Really dope design.

Chris music