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Workshop Bio: Kentrell Newton

Kentrell Newton is going to be bringing his unique blend of southern Swagger and isolations to the Coast to Coast Workshop! APRIL 1ST! Be there!!!

Alan Truong
Originally from Greensboro, NC, Kentell Newton been dancing
for many years, but started very late. At a very young age he discovered
dance watching videos of Michael Jackson and Usher. Through watching a
lot of dance videos, he tried to mimic alot of them but knew it wasn’t
enough. It wasn’t until Kentrell got to college and was introduced to B-
Boying by some friends. The world famous Breakin’ Movie was the among
the first real dance movies to help influence his dance skills. When Kentrell
was 19, he joined a college dance team called Couture Productions and a
team called 102 Jamz(local radio station) dancers. During his time with
those teams, he had performed and helped choreograph numerous events
including North Carolina A&T State University homecoming and Super Jam
Concerts. Kentrell has performed his hip hop styles from Atlanta all the way
to Shanghai, China. He has worked with artists such as T-Pain, Roscoe
Dash, B5, Myxx, Cherish, Young Marquis and Gospel Artist Letita Martin.
During his professional career, he joined Swagger Crew in late 2007.
Swagger Crew was recently on Season 5 of MTV’s America’s Best Dance
Crew. Currently, he travels the nation doing choreography and teaching
master classes, workshops, and conventions in Hip Hop. He also teaches at
his home studio, people of all ages at Dancers Edge based out of
Kernersville and Winston-Salem, NC.

Check out his throw back piece!!

Kentrell Newton – Onyx “Slam”

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FFB x Tony Tran Interview!

As you hopefully already know, Fresh From Birth has always loved and supported the local NC dance community. Well, we’re taking it one step further on March 26th, with our very first dance class with Kaba Modern’s Tony Tran!

We wanted to get to know Tony a little better, so we decided to ask him a few questions:

FFB: Yo, we are so excited to welcome you to North Carolina. Have you ever been here before?

T: I actually lived in North Carolina for about 3 years back in middle school (Smith Middle School).

FFB: When did you start dancing, and what/who was your biggest inspiration to get into dancing?

T: I started in 4th or 5th grade. Me, my brother and my friends were messing around with breaking. My biggest inspiration is Michael Jackson/Mr. Wiggles/ Midas.

FFB: What’s playing on your ipod?

T: Daft Punk – One More Time

FFB: Most people know you as part of Kaba Modern on season one of America’s Best Dance Crew. How did you get involved with Kaba Modern?

T: I was a part of my high school “West Covina All Male Dance Crew” and our coach was Danny Batamana from Team Millenia. He invited us to go watch them at the Friendship Games, and I found out about Kaba from there.

FFB: Favorite food?

T: It’s hard to say what my favorite food is. All types of Asian food! =P

FFB: As many of your fans are aware of, you’re heavily involved with Vietnam: The World Tour, which is a movement trying to bridge the education gap in Vietnam to influence the youth. What does this movement mean to you?

T: To me, Vietnam the World Tour is about bringing all types of artists into the culture and sharing with the world what being free-minded is all about, also inspiring what we do.

FFB: Favorite shoes?

T: ADIDAS, of course! =)

FFB: Fresh From Birth was also founded between artists who want to share their passions with the community. That being said, we are so excited for you to come teach Master Classes on March 26th! What do you have to say to the multitude of East Coast dancers who aspire to be like you?

T: Keep your head up and realize practice makes perfect. Patience is the key.

FFB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (10 years, pick a number, haha)

T: I see myself still dancing until my legs fall apart lol.

FFB: Any exciting news or anything else you’d like to share?

T: If you’re ever in Vegas, come check out the Jabbawockeez Mus.I.C. show at Monte Carlo. Me and Mike Song are a part of the show! Also check out the Kinjaz performance coming sooon!

In case anyone needs a refresher, here’s Tony on Season 1 of America’s Best Dance Crew:

ABDC – Kaba Modern: “Sensual Seduction”