Florida Rays, Florida Waves

We traveled down to Panama City Beach, Florida for some summer fun, and soaking in the sun. The weather was great, and we got to the beach early enough to beat the crowds.

SONG | PopLove (2012)

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Dance Music Music Monday Swag Video

Music Monday: Compliments (Remix)

Tank has been in the R&B game for a while – my personal favorites are “Under” and “I Can’t Make You Love Me”. For today’s Music Monday, we got the remix of his single off the upcoming album ‘This is How I Feel’. “Compliments” is definitely sensual, but as is Tank’s style, it’s not over-the-top. No need to worry though, since the remix features bars from T.I., who is more than happy to get graphic. Personally, I was digging the beats of the song – the musicality definitely jumped “Compliments” onto my “songs to choreograph to” list. Couple the light groove with the well-placed bass and you have a nice track. Plus, what lady doesn’t appreciate extra compliments? 😉

Tank feat. TI – Compliments

Marketing Photos Swag Update

Impromptu ;)

Don’t you love things that are spur of the moment, no preparation? Usually not the best idea, but sometimes, it’s fun to do things out of the blue. With the release of our new tanks, Alex and I were so excited we ran outside to show them off. Be sure to check out the store to order yourself the new Shutter Shades & the I <3 NC designs.

Strike a pose

glasses o_O