Collaboration Dance Design Influence Update


So I love to dance. And there’s this sick dance movement up north in the DMV area called KODACHROME that is about to celebrate their 2 year anniversary, and I was grateful for the opportunity to work with them in setting up the very first dance workshop in NC!

Fresh From Birth x KODACHROME
Fresh From Birth x KODACHROME

Check out the link for more details, but it’s going to be at UNC on Saturday, and us dancers are going to take over the campus .

KODACHROME Promo: Season II from KODACHROME on Vimeo.

It’s 4:26:33 AM. This blog post is going to end soon. I just finished making a mix for Kazi’s Journey Into Asia performance. G did a sick t-shirt design for JIA this year, so you definitely need to cop a shirt and watch Kazi perform if you’re in the area ;). SO MUCH DANCING THIS WEEKEND!

Stay posted for updates, vids, pics, and more 😀