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Movement Lifestyle = Major Inspiration

Unknown Author (but obviously very wise):

“Dancers aren’t made of their technique, but their passion.”

Dance is an enormous part of my being that can’t be contained. As many passersby at UNC can attest to, I suffer from a debilitating illness; Whenever I hear music, I start dancing. It can be hip hop, it can be techno, it can be classical. Additionally, I can be in class, I could be driving, I could be waiting to check out – It matters not when or where, if music comes on, my body just takes over.

Incidentally, my time spent interning at Target Corp. this summer didn’t just teach me internal consulting frameworks and inventory management skills, it also taught me how to dance inconspicuously. Walking to work from the bus stop, I discovered ways to incorporate choreography and freestyling into everyday movements…or at least I tried.

My passion for spontaneous dancing and creativity is definitely a huge influence on Fresh From Birth, and FFB is going to take some great strides in the upcoming months to make its mark in the dancewear world…(ML collabo = dreammm :D)

Anyways, this piece by Shaun Evaristo is fantastic. It’s the mark of true inspiration when you realize how much you have yet to learn about dancing, yet all you feel is excitement at rising to the challenge. And this piece is definitely inspirational. It’s subtle, smooth while hard hitting in appropriate places, and I loved the speed changes and simple intricacies I’ve come to associate with his more recent pieces. Definitely a piece I could see myself doing while walking down the street…and not looking too out of place. And if I do stand out, who cares?

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Happiest Holidays,

Shaun Evaristo / presented by the HIP HOP DROP

By Fresh From Birth

I am a web & graphic designer enthusiast who 's all aspects of design, dance, and cars. I love traveling the globe, especially to Europe & Asia. Finding 'musical jems' is a pastime I have - looking in hopes of finding the perfect instrumental to lay some rhymes on.