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Our 2011 New Year’s Resolutions

This past year saw the start of Fresh From Birth. It began with the search of a name…no, an identity. Our momentum carried us through to the emergence of our logo, buttons, stickers, business cards, an inaugural first line of clothing, a website, social media pages, and a blog. Serving as our caffeine and motivation, our dreams, family, and friends continue to remind us of what we’ve began and what we want to accomplish. Those motivating factors push us to improve as a brand and as individuals. New Year’s always gives you the chance to reflect on the past, and refocus on the future. Below, we’ve compiled our 2011 NYR list and hope that we can cross them each off as the year progresses.

1. To have at least 11 people “Like” this post on Facebook 😀

2. Finish the website.

3. Make our first online sale.

4. Over 100 followers on twitter.

5. Over 300 likes on Facebook.

6. Release our second line – Summer/Spring Line

7. Organize our first professional photoshoot & release our first Lookbook.

8. Shoot our first video promoting the Fresh From Birth brand or specific release.

9. Run our first contest / giveaway to give out free swag.

10. Bring Movement Lifestyle to UNC.

11. Get featured in an online or print publication.

12. Win the Carolina Challenge.

13. Take part in a collaboration with another clothing label, a dance team, band/rapper/music artist, or a graphic artist.

14. Plan and execute our first FFB Release Party.

15. Get a photo of someone rocking FFB on at least 25 different college campuses

By Fresh From Birth

I am a web & graphic designer enthusiast who 's all aspects of design, dance, and cars. I love traveling the globe, especially to Europe & Asia. Finding 'musical jems' is a pastime I have - looking in hopes of finding the perfect instrumental to lay some rhymes on.