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Music…Wednesday? Come on, it’s late!

Last music post I covered Miguel, an upcoming new star, but one that is definitely firmly entrenched in the music spotlight. Today, I want to mention someone that has gained wide renown in a different field, and is now making waves in music. Meet Victor Kim. Dance fans recognize him from his days on Quest Crew, America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3 Champions. Known for his intricate footwork and acrobatic freezes, Victor is also a talented singer and musician, garnering a huge following on Youtube with his covers of popular songs such as Travie McCoy’s Billionaire, Katy Perry’s Firework, and Mike Posner’s Please Don’t Go. He’s already pretty huge on the West Coast, so I’m hoping this blog post helps his music reach new ears here on the East Coast.

He’s living the dream! Dancing, singing, drawing, and a degree from UC-Irvine in Economics…talk about inspiration (for Alex at least). As my good friend Aaron Chen said, “I’ve never been able to make the distinction between my passions and my career.” Neither, it seems, is Victor. All the more reason we should support someone like him – a true artist, someone who loves to learn and share, both a master and student of his crafts. He might not be right for mainstream America, but he’s definitely worth listening to and following…if I had to guess he puts a lot more time into his song covers than some of the cookie-cutter artists today put into their entire albums.

Mike Posner “Please Don’t Go” – Victor Kim & Andrew Garcia

Travie McCoy “Billionaire” – Victor Kim & Traphik

Katy Perry “Firework” – Victor Kim & Passion

Sorry for the brevity of the blog post, but I really need to adjust my sleep cycle back to Eastern Standard time…3:20AM whatttt? Plus, Victor’s music sends a much more powerful message than my words do.