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First thing that captured my attention to this song was the production…the beat is FLAWLESS. Whether you had the intention to nod, bounce, or vibe to the beat it was bound to happen some point through the track…

Chris Brown definitely exhibited his lyrical skillz to the fullest in this track -best verse on the song in my vote by far. But I say that not to downplay everyone else’s verse other than his but to make it obvious of an R&B/Pop dude switching to Hip-hop on a track with Big League lyricists and still killing the track…gotta respect that. Wiz Khalifa kept it Pittsburgh at first then switched to the laid back flow & word play throughout the verse. Berner just really got introduced to Berner as an Artist. Haven’t really heard too much from him but that has to do with personal preferences in music…can’t blame me for that **shrugs lol. Big Krit has a lot better material displayed in other tracks & freestyle/cypher performances but he still kills the beat & murders the Hook…

Yoko (Ono) – Berner feat Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa (Prod by Big KRIT)

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