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Music Monday: Miguel (Alliteration?)

Miguel is…wow. One of the up and coming artists to rise to stardom in 2010 after signing with Jive Records in 2007 and gaining industry credit with his songwriting as well as his singing abilities, Miguel is blessed with not just an incredibly soulful voice, he also has the passion and motivation to share his craft with people that make him so easy to like and root for.

Watching this video and hearing him talk, it’s apparent that he isn’t some cookie cutter R&B singer molded and churned out by record labels – he is the real deal, a bonafide artist.

“We do it for ourselves. I would make music if I never made money from it, if people never saw it…I have songs that people will never hear, just for myself. I do create, just because I love it.”
– Miguel

As Miguel says so eloquently, he sings because he loves it. He’s never been about the cake, the glamour, or the girls that comes with success. Of course, I’m sure he doesn’t mind it, but it doesn’t change the fact that each song he writes is from the heart, each piece he performs, a soulful rendition of that instance of his life, each note he croons, an aural interpretation of his being. He is essentially a blogger, only in descant.

It’s that kind of passion that drives young artists to pursue their dreams, not the tired, played-out antics of
countless celebrities vying for their 10 minutes.

As an aspiring artist, dancer, and general creative soul, seeing someone from my generation garner this type of positive reception and climb his way to the top not in spite of but because of his unwillingness to change his visionary take on music is damn refreshing.

For Fresh From Birth, this is a perfect example of what motivates us, only via different mediums. We don’t whisk out low-quality shirts with lame designs because we know they won’t sell…we put our heart and soul into the shirts because FFB is a part of us. The creative process G and I undergo is a journey each and every time (behind the scenes peek in the future?), and this video served as the perfect reminder of why we do what we do.

I hope everyone who watches this can at least appreciate the conviction and passion behind Miguel’s music, even if you don’t like his sound.

All I want is you ;),


Miguel / All I Want Is You ft. J.Cole