Party People

A good night out with the dancers from Prelude Carolinas, and the surrounding area.

It had been a while since Fresh From Birth had been out and about at UNC, but with so many of our friends in the area for the epic dance weekend, we ensured that we’d make a go of it.






A lot of the dancers from the teams that competed in Prelude came out to Players that night. I had not been to Players in about four years, so it was pretty cool coming back. It’s a typical college ‘club’, not very busy at first, and then it gets busy out of nowhere with kids looking to put their studies to rest, and party the night away. I have plenty of memories of the place, but it was special to be there with a lot of friends who had a common interest of dance.

Some of the dancers formed a circle and began showcasing their unique styles to one another. Both Prelude and the after party felt like a family gathering. Each event had a buzz about it, and that’s what I love about these weekends. Getting together with people who are passionate about their craft; whether it is learning, practicing, performing, or just having fun.

By Fresh From Birth

I am a web & graphic designer enthusiast who 's all aspects of design, dance, and cars. I love traveling the globe, especially to Europe & Asia. Finding 'musical jems' is a pastime I have - looking in hopes of finding the perfect instrumental to lay some rhymes on.