Fresh From Birth Team Profile

Be truthful to yourself, and don’t deny that which makes you unique.

Fresh From Birth, a sustained level of confidence in who you are, what you like, and not denying that which makes you unique.

Started in 2010, Fresh From Birth started as a group of friends with roots in dance, music, and design, who wanted to promote dance by organizing workshops for the greater dance community, and design t-shirts for sale at these events & online. Workshop ticket and t-shirt sales were pooled together to fund future workshops and t-shirts. In addition to the dance lifestyle that we knew & loved, other collective interests began being uncovered.

Wait, you guys like cars too? What about comics & cartoons!? Oh $#&^, I didn’t know that!

So apparently, we all like cars and have an affinity for comics & cartoons. Over time, we’ve incorporated bits and pieces as we’ve grown, had new experiences, and obtained new members. All-in-all, this led us to begin weaving this into the fabric of Fresh From Birth, and here we are: a group of friend having fun talking about the thing we love, the things we wonder and want to try, and learning a few new ‘steps’ along the way.