The Low Down

Fresh From Birth?

It’s a Lifestyle. We are passionate people who support those individuals with distinct talents, outlooks, and in general, people who just carry themselves with a unique confidence.

What sparked the initial idea?

We began as do many good ideas these days…a conversation between two friends very very late one night, using Instant Messenger to communicate. This conversation occurred with about 200 miles of road between us. We were each living in Richmond, VA and Chapel Hill, NC @ the time. Giancarlo was living in VA working as a consultant, a year after graduating from UNC, while Alex was finishing up his junior year @ UNC. With over 5 years of design experience, G, as his friends know him, had done work with Kamikazi Dance Team, where Alex served as director on the executive board; the two had also worked together as members UNC’s Asian Student Association’s executive leadership. In the midst of a hectic junior year, G approached Alex one night with a proposal – find a way to combine their mutual creative interests and realize their passions tangibly. Alex didn’t think much of it at the time, as he was caught up in the midst of internship hunting and a variety of extracurricular activities. We never forgot however, and finally met one fateful day in June of 2010, in a humble Border’s bookstore cafe to discuss. After hours of sketching, pondering, joking, and numerous caffeinated drinks, Fresh From Birth was born, pun intended. The idea was simple; you can’t learn fresh, you gotta be born with it. The baby logo followed soon after, and in a few short months, Fresh From Birth was a reality, realizing a limited run of designs on UNC Chapel Hill’s campus. Having already garnered a cult following, we stand poised to take Fresh From Birth to the next level. Stay tuned for more fresh.

Giancarlo Deleon

Giancarlo Deleon

Co-founder & Creative Capitán

As a child, my favorite activity was drawing. I believe that my interest was formed during primary school when teachers setup different areas that featured varying activities. Drawing gave me freedom to be creative without bounds. Once introduced to graphic editing programs for computers, I began to extend my view of design. Business school @ UNC was great and all, but I sometimes wondered how I would later apply the principles I was learning in class to the real world. Outside of classes, people began to take note of my designs and website and would ask me to create logos for them or their organizations in school. College provided, and due to connections, still provides me a chance to connect back to campus by helping people create t-shirts for their groups, student body president campaigns, and general organizations. One day, a friend asked, “Why don’t you do your own t-shirts…and sell them?” After thinking about it, I didn’t have an answer – “why don’t I?” Approaching Alex with a general concept, it just seemed like we were a perfect fit to create a clothing brand together. We may bring different concepts, ideas, experiences, and backgrounds to the table, but what we both bring to Fresh From Birth is our passion for bringing fresh ideas & designs to people. Come with us on our journey as we begin to grow Fresh From Birth! If you have ideas, let’s connect and see what we can do. This is going to be a fun ride, hope you all are as ready as we are!

Alex Lit

Alex Li

Co-founder & Master of Mischief

I had always loved art growing up; I was heavily involved in the arts department in high school, but college soon proved too much for me to continue pursuing that particular passion. So, I discovered a new visual art – dance. I turned my body into a canvas and found in hip hop dance a love that I’d never known before. I love to entertain, love to meet people, and love to share my passion for life with others. Fresh From Birth is the culmination of my passions, as I can reconnect with my artistic roots and supplement them with what dance has taught me, bringing a unique street culture to the brand. Seeing people wear products we put our time and effort into is just as rewarding as seeing dancers perform your pieces. Thanks for stopping by our page, and I hope to meet you in real life! Stay fresh.