Dance Music Video Worldwide Wednesday


I listen to a lot of music from different areas of the world, but the one part of the globe I listen to the most is Asia. Japanese and Korean music are so rhythmically infectious even if you don’t know what they are saying half of the time. You can’t but help nod your head or get lost in the music. My favorite musician has to be Taeyang, he’s often been called the Korean Chris brown or Neyo. His song “Wedding Dress” is beyond anything I’ve listened to, I literally listen to this song 50 times a day. The choreography of the video, the story line that goes with it, and the smooth piano that’s matched with an even more impressive beat is something to listen to for sure. I know there have been many days when my iPhone is on shuffle and this song comes up, I don’t care where I am on campus I will always bust out the choreography from this video. BABY! LISTEN TO YOU HEART IT WON’T LET YOU DOWN!!!

Taeyang – Wedding Dress

Music Worldwide Wednesday


I’ve been a fan of Epik High for a long time, and got used to their distinct style of music, interpretation, and presentation. That said, we’re featuring Tablo’s, “Tomorrow”. In this track, he teamed up with Big Bang member, Taeyang. Both are still beginning their solo careers, but can no doubt output some great music when paired with other talented artists. The music video’s style slightly contrasts with Epik High’s typical format, but that’s understood when you couple two solo artist coming together to create their own styles, away from their bands that made them popular. Musically, the track does falls in line to what seems to be Tablo’s strength, dynamic storytelling.

Tablo – Tomorrow M/V [HD]