Collaboration Dance Influence Video

FFB ♥ 101 Productions

Thanks to Aaron Chen & co. of 101 Productions for putting together this sick video from this past weekend’s Fresh From Birth and UNC-CH VSA Presents: Kaba Modern’s Tony Tran! event. We’re SUPER appreciate of the event’s turnout and love the quality photos and videos that we’re seeing surface from the event.

Tony Tran x Fresh From Birth: Master Classes in NC

Thanks again 101 Productions for this quality vid and the FFB shout-out in the video’s description, much love!!

Fresh From Birth, It’s a Lifestyle.

Collaboration Dance Influence Video

Tony’s Session 01 Choreo

On March 26, 2011 Fresh From Birth hosted it’s first Master Dance Class – instructed by Tony Tran of Kaba Modern @ UNC. Here Tony goes off into his solo to show us why he’s sick with it and a true master!!

Artist: VibesquaD
Song Title: Dome Piece

Tony Tran x Fresh From Birth – Session 01 Choreography

Thanks Tony for bringing NC some West Coast style and love!

Collaboration Dance Influence Video

Tony Tran’s shout-out

We are psyed that Tony Tran is coming to North Carolina to lead a set of master dance classes! Tony wanted to give us a quick shout-out and get you guys ready for this weekend’s events. Come out to the SRC @ UNC to participate, don’t miss out!

Tony Tran x Fresh From Birth

“The idea is rather simple – you can’t learn fresh, you gotta be born with it.”

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