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FFB x OMG Tour

I had the recent pleasure of taking classes with some of Usher’s dancers, including Marc Marvelous, Eddie Morales, and my personal favorite, Lyle Beniga! The craziest thing was that Lyle choreographed his piece while Eddie and Marc were teaching. He taught an absolutely dope, brand new routine that he started and finished within 2 hours. As always, I didn’t feel tired after taking class, but rejuvenated and inspired by the incredible passion and talent that these dancers shared with the class and myself on Saturday. Shoutouts to NCSU’s Fusion and Aaron Chen for the photos. Also, a special shoutout to


The craziest thing was that they had dress rehearsals the same day as well as the tour performance at 7pm! Dancers are nothing if not dedicated.

Of course, Fresh From Birth threw some swag their way before they left 😉

Lyle and Marc rockin' FFB!

I wish I had more photos of class, but I was too busy learning the dances to take pictures! I’ll update this post with more pics as I find them online.

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