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FFB x Dance: Pat Cruz

When you become passionate about something you start to realize that there is no greater feeling than sharing that passion with others.
– Pat Cruz

Pat Cruz has been sick for SO long. He’s done so much work as executive director of The Company and APT, and his innovative ideas transform the stage into his canvas. I feel like he’s always been a bit in Shaun Evaristo’s shadow just by virtue of association with such an industry trailblazer, but Pat Cruz is definitely no slouch, and his dance style is uniquely electrifying. He brings a creative aspect to all of his projects that clearly emerge through The Company, GEN2, and APT’s success at dance competitions such as Body Rock and WOD.

I’ve always been a fan of his clean choreography and intricate footwork, but as I’ve grown as a dancer, I’ve come to appreciate Pat’s dancing not just for his attention to detail, but for his extreme passion that he shares with the dance community every day.

Pat Cruz / Try Me Out

Now if you thought that had passion, wait until you see this next piece! Pat’s fire in this piece and emotional depth is insane, and the fact that he can draw us in through youtube and make us feel that painful passion with him just shows how talented he is. To be able to lead viewers through a emotional rollercoaster like Pat does in this song is truly a testament to his ability and inspires me to dance even more in the hopes that I can do the same someday. He lives the piece, as thoroughly as anyone could, staying in character (is he even in character?) throughout the entire work, leaving us feeling like we’ve just glimpsed into his soul. It’s an incredibly intimate sensation, the same as if a friend were to break down in front of you and confess what’s been eating him inside…Pat just does it through dance.

Pat Cruz / Her Life Goes On

Hip hop wouldn’t be the same without him.

FFB Love,

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